Apply to:

Principle Function:

The principle function of the contemporary worship leader of the congregation is to plan, develop and promote the music ministry of the church to the glory of God. 


  1. Reveal, by life, a true conversion experience;
  2. Loves music, senses God’s calling to the music ministry, and retains the gifts and abilities to lead this congregation to rejoice in the experiences of worship and praise through music;
  3. Understands the music needs and requirements of a Southern Baptist Church and can develop programs to meet these needs in a way that will glorify God;
  4. Has an education and /or experience for the various aspects of this position;
  5. Has a reputation of keeping confidences;
  6. Must be proficient for the development and production of ProPresenter and Planning Center;
  7. Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a worship leaders’ position. 


The Worship Leader shall be responsible to the Pastor in the fulfillment of his services:

  1. Assist the Pastor in planning worship services;
  2. Prayerfully select songs and coordinate with praise teams;
  3. Communicate with the media team on needs for service;
  4. Ensure the music, materials, supplies, and instruments are maintained, current and accurate;
  5. Coordinate the music ministry in harmony with the pastor, staff and other leaders in the church council e.g. youth and celebrate recovery leaders;
  6. Coordinate the chairman of the media and worship teams to ensure all bases are covered;
  7. Hold auditions for potential praise team members, and fill vacancies as they occur; 
  8. Attend conferences for the music and worship related ministries as approved by the pastor;
  9. Serve on committees as requested by the pastor;
  10. Maintain a Christ-honoring spirit in the church office.

Working Hours:

The requirements are as dictated to accomplish the responsibilities and services of the Worship Leader, and as agreed to by the pastor.